Elstonville Sportsmen's Association is located a few minutes from the Lebanon/Lancaster Exit 20 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Pinch Road.


From Lebanon: Take Route 72 South, after passing the Turnpike entrance continue approximately one-half mile, turn right onto Cider Press Road. At the Stop Sign turn right onto Pinch Road. Go approximately one mile, Elstonville Sportsmen's Association is on the right.

From Lancaster: Take Route 72 North, continue through Manheim. Go approximately five miles after Manheim. Turn left onto Pinch Road. Go approximately one and one-half miles, Elstonville Sportsmen's Association will be on the right.


  • President, Mel Sauder      
  • Vice President, Brian Zolna    
  • Secretary, Deb Webster
  • Treasurer, Tammy Martin
  • Club Manager, Steve Lowe


  • Dale Meyer Jr. (Rosco)  
  • Dale Meyer Sr.
  • Craig Myers
  • Don Martzall
  • Jody Gibble    
  • Ken Espenshade
  • 3-D Archery -
  • B-B Team - Don Martzall
  • Block Shoot - Bill Cunha
  • Cards & Flowers - Carol Ober
  • Entertainment -
  • Cowboy Action Shoot - Glen Keller
  • Fish & Game - Dale Meyer Jr. (Rosco)
  • Motorcycle Club -
  • Rifle Range - Todd Martin
  • Sporting Clay Shoots - Craig Myers
  • www.elstonville.com
  • elstonville@dejazzd.com




   Constitution and Bylaws_Elstonville_03_15_2017

   Elstonville House Rules

   Fish Pond Rules

   Rifle Range Rules

  Archery Range Rules_06_12 2018






3133 Pinch Road - Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: (717) 665-6354

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